Should Lane Splitting Be Legal for Motorcyclists?

California recently became the first state in the nation to legalize lane-splitting for motorcyclists. Informally, lane-splitting is described as motorcyclists cutting through slow-moving traffic by cutting between cars. More specifically California’s new legislation defines lane-splitting as “driving a motorcycle, that has 2 wheels in contact with the ground, between rows of stopped or moving … [Read more...]

Airbag Outerwear for Motorcyclists

It has been said that motorcycling is a sport where one makes a choice whether the personal risk level is acceptable or not. Although this may be a true statement, various manufacturers are tackling the problem of enhancing motorcycle safety by encouraging riders to wear highly protective clothing including airbag-style vests, helmets, and jackets that inflate upon impact.Some companies are … [Read more...]

Potential Recall of Harley Davidson Motorcycles for Brake Failure

The National Highway Transportation Safety Commission (NHTSA) announced it is investigating complaints from Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders that their motorcycle’s anti-lock brakes failed without warning. The NHTSA inquiry covers 430,000 motorcycles with model years between 2008 and 2011.The NHTSA says it has reports of three motorcycle crashes with two injuries attributed to the brake issue … [Read more...]