“In the summer of 2011 our daughter was injured in an accident. Everyone told us that we needed to hire an attorney to represent her interests when dealing with the insurance companies. Like many people we didn’t know how to go about finding the right attorney for us. There are so very many to choose from. We went online and did some research. We contacted Slater and Zurz through email and explained what had happened to our daughter, what her injuries were and that we needed help. A few hours later Mr. Slater himself called me and really listened to me and made me feel confident that he could help us.

We met with Mr. Slater and Mr. Zurz a few days later and they walked us through the process, making us feel like we were not alone and that they truly just want was is best for our daughter. It was like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and we could now just focus on helping our daughter recover. My husband and I felt extremely confident in our decision to hire Slater and Zurz.

Our daughter was hurting and scared, but she was also nervous about having to hire an attorney. Mr. Slater brought her in and very gently and kindly walked her through the steps of how they can help her and how she could help them. Mr. Slater presented her with a iPad 2 and explained how important it was for her to stay in contact with them on how she was doing and that they would stay in contact with her every step of the way too, and that she could use it to follow her case online through the court website. Although she is still limited to how much she can do physically, she uses her iPad for school and to keep in contact with her friends as well as her attorneys. Our case hasn’t been settled yet but I have great confidence that we absolutely chose the right attorneys for our daughter and that we will have a successful outcome.”

Mrs. Dickhaut

“I personally want to thank Mr. Jim Slater for providing a no charge telephone consultation in evaluating my legal situation. No other law firm would listen or even return my call.

His expertise and experience truly separates Slater & Zurz LLP from the others. He answered all my questions with dignity and respect and provided valuable insight.

I highly recommend that anyone with a legal dilemma or question to contact a law firm who truly cares. Slater & Zurz LLP has restored my faith in the legal system”

Troy D.

“I never thought much about having to use the services of an attorney. Things for the most part in my life were going along pretty smoothly. Then, one day, I hit a bump in the road. Rick Zurz and the office of Slater and Zurz were there for me when I hit the bump. Mr. Zurz has been my attorney since 1999. He guided me through a very rough time. All of the advice that he has ever given me has been very beneficial and for the good of my family. I would and have recommended Mr. Zurz to friends and family without reservation.”

Pam Beougher

“After a problem presented itself in the workplace, I found myself in a position where legal advice was greatly needed. My parents referred me to Slater & Zurz LLP and spoke very highly of Jim Slater. I emailed Mr. Slater and found that he was very quick to respond. He forwarded my information to Sean Buchanan who called me after doing research. I find it very easy to get in contact with the attorneys at Slater & Zurz LLP by phone or by e-mail. It gives me peace of mind knowing that they keep in constant contact with clients that are in need of their assistance.
Erin King

“I have used Slater & Zurz for most of my legal needs and will continue to do so. From the 1st time I entered their office they made me feel my problem truly mattered to them. They always made sure that when I left their offices I was clear of what options I had. They always go over every word of any document that is laid in front of me and make sure I understand them with no questions. I trust and recommend this law firm.”

Duane Fisher


Please note, case results depend on a variety of factors which are unique to each case. Therefore, past case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future cases undertaken by our law firm.

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